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About Our Consultations


Who needs a consultation?

Are you looking for the best, high-quality African wax print or lace fabric at a great price? Do you have a special request or a large order? Or can you not find what you need?

How do our consultations work?

Submit a consultation form and pay for the consultation you want. You will then receive an email with your customized selections with photos and prices.

What does a consultation look like?

Get an initial fabric consultation for non-refundable $15!  The initial consultation to gather the customer's ideas and vision. We will research and email you a selection of 10-15 photos that match your choice.


You can take your time to access your options with our full-blown fabric consultation for a non-refundable $25 deposit.  We will research and email you a selection of 35-40 photos that match your choice.

Do you give refunds on consultation?

Purchase your desired fabric within three days of the consultation to have this deposit deducted from the total cost.


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