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Brand Ambassador


Would you be interested in becoming an ambassador for Alagema Fabrics? To become a Brand Ambassador:

  1. Fill out the ambassador application form to get your special promo code.
  2. AMBASSADOR2020 at check out for 20% off your entire purchase.
  3. When you wear your Alagema Fabrics products take a picture and share a picture on social media.
  4. Tag @AlagemaFabrics to get a personalized promo code for your followers and get featured on our accounts!
  5. Once five people have used your promo code to make a purchase you get store credit for FREE products. ☺️ (valued at up to $25 USD).


  1. Your promo code gets any first-time buyer 15% off their first order with Alagema Fabrics & Accessories.
  2. Every five orders will be totaled up and you are given 25% toward store credit up to $25.

Lets spread the love!❤️😃


Brand Ambassador Application


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