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About Alagema Fabrics & Accessories (AFA):

August 2017, Alagema Fabrics & Accessories was launched in Fayetteville, North Carolina. Our vision is to make African fashion trends synonymous with the traditional, eloquent African culture. We aim to instilling the love for African culture in the hearts of our customers.

Alagema brings forward its exemplary collection. We are an African based, well rounded online brand where a variety of fine fabrics and accessories of the best quality are available at the most reasonable and economical prices. Alagema likes to make its customers look fashionable and classy in the richest African clothing and accessories. Alagema Fabrics & Accessories is your one-stop-shop supplier for high-quality African fabric, clothing, and accessories. 

Who is Alagema?

Alagema is female and a road or reincarnation of Obatala, the deity of creation in Yoruba religion and culture. In Yoruba folklore Obatala's wife Yemoo invented the first loom to make fabric. Alagema is represented by the chameleon (Agemo) in the Santeria tradition practiced here in the New World.  

On April 15, 1995, the owner of Alagema Fabrics & Accessories was spiritually rebirthed as a priestess of Obatala Alagema in Micanopy, Florida.  She gave honor to Alagema by naming her company after her.

What do we offer?

We offer African fabrics including swiss voile lace, Water Soluble lace, organza lace, Bazin lace, George lace, guipure lace, French lace, hand-cut lace, African wax print both in 100% cotton, polyester, and mixed fabrics. We also sell African clothing for men, women, and children. Our accessories include shoes, handbags, jewelry, head wraps, hand fans, and sunshades with a case. Alagema Fabrics promises to bring its’ customers exceptional quality products.                   

About Osaremi Ogunleye Olusegun Lanloke:

Osaremi Olusegun Lanloke was born to Alagba Aboyade Ogunleye and Priestess Ayoka Abiomi Lanloke. They taught her about the customs and traditions of her ancestors. Osaremi is a priestess of Obatala, teacher, and speaker.

Osaremi Lanloke, owner of Alagema Fabrics & Accessories, at 2018 Charleston Grand African Ball.She has extensive experience in cultural event planning, which includes the Awolowo Festival, and Harvest Festival in Archer, Florida and Ancestral Egungun Conference in Atlanta, George. In 2002, Osaremi founded The Cultural Exchange, an events planning company. She produced the 2004 African Women's Conference, Market Days at Lush Life Cafe and the World AIDS Day event for Kennesaw State University.

From 2010 until 2013 she created and hosted Omo Oduduwa Radio whose mission was to bring the great Yoruba oral tradition into the 21st century.  She hosted her show as well as produced other shows and commercials on her network. This network was heard globally via BlogTalk Radio.

In 2017, Alagema Fabrics & Accessories was launched, which combined her passion of Yoruba culture and her interest in fashionwh.  Growing up, her maternal grandmother, TeEsther Lee Brown, and mother, Ayoka Abiomi Lanloke greatly influenced her zeal for fashion.  Her mother, a prolific seamstress, sewed most of her clothes when she was growing up.  "I love how Africans and Africans in the Diaspora are using African fabrics in western silhouettes, but my passion is being able to teach our communities about the ancient traditional customs in clothing and the beauty in that."

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