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African Wax Print


100% Cotton Super Wax Print Fabric

This uniquely designed super wax fabric matches with various color palettes and beautiful prints. This gorgeous fabric is durable and adorable. You can rock this vibrant super wax fabric on that special day. Its attractive pattern and distinctive colors mixture ensure that everybody is attracted to your personality. A must-have for the fashion lover who wants a chic and classic ancient look. This one of a kind of fabric matches well with various color palettes.

100% Cotton Hollandais African Wax Print Fabric 

High-quality African wax Hollandais fabrics. This fabric is perfect for your own fashion look. This Wax Hollandais print an exotic mixture of vibrant colors and traditional African Design. The most striking colors and patterns you could ever hope to wear. This hollandaise wax to make an amazing impression for anyone adorned in the material. Hollandais wax design in bold and bright colors.

Polyester Wax Print Fabric

Our Polyester wax prints texture, looks, and multicolor combination standout. It is made of polyester or a polyester/cotton blend. It retains its original color and texture even after many washes. It fits in all kinds of beautiful styles for dressy occasions and casual wear. This fabric is durable, long-lasting and comfortable to wear.

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